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Masquerade, kit Williams

Somewhere in Great Britain, well out of range of metal detectors, lies buried an extraordinary piece of jewellery. It was fashioned by Kit Williams our of 18-carat gold and dazzlingly adorned with precious stones and rubies. The precise location of this buried treasure may be discovered within the pages ofMasquerade which are themselves overflowing with riddles and puzzles the reader will delight in unmasking. Only one other person, whose identity is known to the publisher, was witness to the secret burial and as the author tantalizingly reveals, the treasure is as likely to be found by a bright child of ten as it is to be found by an Oxford don.







Treasure of the Silver Dragon, Howard Thompson

Metagaming brings you a real live treasure hunt! This isn't just reading and playing about treasures. Perhaps you will be the first to decipher the clues and go get the silver dragon and win $ 10,000.00. It's all up to you. You my be the one to hold that dragon in your hands knowing you beat thousands to it. An 31 ounce solid sterling silver dragon is hidden in the United States. Information needed to find the silver dragon is in THIS programmed fantasy adventure. The person who actually finds the silver dragon gets to keep it and claim a $ 10,000.00 CASH PRIZE from Metagaming. 



Treasure of the Unicorn Gold, Howard Thompson

The $ 10,000 Quest continues. Etherion, the great silver Dragandon, is frozen in stasis under Sacramento Peak - victim of the Toltec Brujos. Yet man's hope lives trough Miri the True and golden Xenon. Can you band of hearty heroes help them before cruel Yaoyotl strikes? Can you find the secret treasure of Unicorn gold? A unicorn is hidden somewhere in the U.S.A. The clues to its location are in this adventure, the person who finds it gets a $ 10,000 cash prize from Metagaming This isn't play, it's a real, live treasurehunt. You may be the one to decipher the clues, find the Unicorn and win the treasure.


The Will, A Modern Day Treasure Hunt, Tod Normot

Fom Left to Right are Dorothy Newton, thomas Dowd, and Ronald Franks, autors of "The Will," shown with more than twenty-five thousand dollars in gold krugerrands; the hidden treasure which you, the reader, may posess by unlocking the secrets of "The Will.  

the Idea was originally conceived on a whim by the three friends and eventually developed into a feasible and exciting reality. The book was written, published and is being distributed by the trio.


The Secret, a treasure hunt, Kelly Sean & Tedd Mann

The tale begins over three hundred years ago, when the Fair People, the goblins, fairies, dragons and other fabled and fantastic creatures of a dozen lands, fled the Old World for the New, seeking haven from the ways of Man. With them came their precious jewels: diamonds, rubies, emeralds, pearls... But then the Fair People vanished, taking with them their twelve fabulous treasures. And they remained hidden until now...
Across North America, these twelve treasures, over ten thousand dollars in precious jewels, are buried. The key to finding each can be found within the twelve full color paintings and verses of The Secret.

The Piper of Dreams, Terry Pits Fenby

How observant are you? Would you make a good detective? This beautiful picture puzzle book offers you a change  to find out.

The Piper of Dreams tells a story in words and pictures. But these words and pictures also contain clues which, linked together and studied carefully, could lead you to a rare and spectacular prize of pure gold, silver and diamonds which lies hidden somewhere in the British Isles, one of the most valuable flutes ever made. The Pied Piper challenges you to solve the master riddle!

the NSPCC benefits from every copy of this book sold.

The Golden Key, Don Shaw

Taking a wedge of gould, weying 26 oz he had made from a small part a key alle of gould, and now being blinded, had it hidden by digging under the ground and placing it therewith.

Upon finding of the key it can be taken to the lord treasurer of England or any of his men whereupon the treasure will be forthcoming. But because he would make a shew of honest eling he called for a chisel, and gave the gould key a marck, which is secret, so that no man may make another in the likeness thereof.

Acquainting me with this intelligence I took the key and did according to my lords instruction. Whereupon i now make witness before Almighty God that the key is buryed somewhere within these shoares of England, Scotland, Wallia but not Hiberna.

with Interest, david Betts

An advanced race of aliens visits our world and selects ten landing sites. Pictures, surrounded by clues, are the artist's interpretation of actual places in the British Isles.

If you study this book carefully you may find out how to claim a fortune, and the less fortunate may win a large prize. You are also required to identify the ten locations visited by the people from outer space.

the prize will grow with time, as fifty pence per book sold is paid into a bank account. Study the pages of this book WITH INTEREST and remember the prize will grow WITH INTEREST too!

PIMANIA, Christian Penfold Automate UK Ltd.

PIMANIA, The Adventure Quest  that's for real, with £ 6.000 prize! & Free hit Single!

48K ZX Spectrum

Find the Golden Sundial in the game and space - And it's Yours!


Unicornis, Michael Green

For centuries, the Unicorn has trwad the mysterious boundaries between mythology and reality. The legend has been shaped by hunters, physicians, rogues and dreamers into a maze of contradictions that only obscure the question: Did - or does - such an animal really exist? Now this singular manuscript, bearing the cipher of an obscure philosophical brotherhood in 15th century Italy, reveals in convincing detail the habits, haunts and history - even the origin - of this rarest of creatures. It even offers intriguing clues that physical evidence of the Unicorn's existence is presently at and and accessible to the determined investigator. This curious and fascinating work combines the mystical temperament of the late Middle Ages with a purely Renaissance spirit of scientific inquiry. As its author states, "this work pays no heed to vain fancies and foolish imaginings, though they have aquired the weight of hallowed tradition...


The Last Fairy, Fred Hancock

"The Last Fairy", the mystery of king John's treasure. 17th Century adventure and a personal 120.000 mile search for Kit Williams' golden hare inspired Fred Hancock to reveal to us all a world of fantasy and myth surpassing the everyday. Yet behind the fantasy and myth is something very real: Two fine, 18 carat gold, jeweled treasures, one in Great Britain and one in the United States. 

Great Britain challenges the United States of America to the most exciting transatlantic Treasure race ever held.

Spirit of the Stones, John Howard Worsley

The nature of this book demands that is not a definitive travelogue of the Isle of Wight. There are already many such publications available. However, it should be said that one of the great treasures to be discovered is the Island with its rich variety of scenery an places of interest. There are probably more well signposted footpaths and bridleways per square mile on this Island than in any other part of the British Isles.


The Mind Game, Paul Hoffman (Dr. Crypton)

Here are the twenty diabolical riddles posed by Science Digest's Dr. Crypton for The Museum of Science and Industry's contest THE MIND GAME. In honor of its fiftieth anniversary, the Museum is offering $ 10,000 - $ 5,000 in gold and a $ 5,000 IBM personal computer - to the first person to correctly answer all of Dr. Crypton's riddles.

Captain Kidd and the Missing Crown, Jack Hashian

William Kidd of Greenock, Scotland, was hanged as a pirate in 1701 in England after a brief two years on the high seas as a buccaneer with less than 20 captures. His name has become synonymous with piracy even though there is contradictory evidence that he was innocent of the charges. There is no doubt, however, that Captain Kidd did have treasure to hinde, that his ship did sail up the Hudson, and that some of his loot was found more than a century later on Gardener's Island off the eastern tip of Long Island....


The Lost Treasure of Rip Van Winkle, Anonymous

This is the story of the nap - and the treasure - of the century.

Rip Van Winkle's epic debauch and resulting snooze not only lengthened his beard. If he had his wits about him, he would have been a rich man, and not just the talk of the Catskills.

For he had in his drunken grasp a fortune - a gold and jewel encrusted ninepin he had spirited away from Hendrik Hudson's crew of phantom revelers.

And, he lost it. . .

For over a century, it lay hidden...lost.


Treasure, in search of the golden horse, Paul Hoffman (Dr. Crypton)

A prize of Over $500.000...

Watch this magnificent film. Find the hidden clues. Then, solve the puzzle and lay claim to the most fabulous buried treasure of modern time! 

Shot on locations throughout America, with original stereo soundtrack, TREASURE In search of the Golden Horse is both a spellbinding fantasy film and a challenging puzzle. 

In this program are all the clues you need to locate a buried treasure worth over $ 500.000! 

Microcosm, Hal Gashtan

Transatlantic computer puzzle challenge

In July 1984 an envelope was placed in a room, in which there is a telephone. The winner of the challenge will be the first person to call this room and state the name which is written on a slip of paper sealed inside the envelope.

If you solve the puzzle of this book the computer will reveal all the information required.

The location of the room is known only to the publishers of Creative Computing and Your Computer and whoever will answer the telephone.


Unknown title, Kit Williams

This is Kit Williams second treasure quest book. As you've noticed, this book has no title on its cover. In fact, the only titled copy in the world lied sealed in a wooden box, guarded by a queen bee made of pure gold. The object is to find the title of the book, which can be found by using the hidden clues in this book, and then express it without using the written word. By Sending your answer to Kit Williams the price you could win was the wooden box with the golden queen bee. On may 25th 1985 Kit Williams has revealed the title. 


Conundrum, Don Shaw & Nick Price

In 1983, Cadbury commissioned Garrard, the Crown Jewelers, to create twelve golden eggs for Conundrum - the Cadbury's Crème Egg Mystery. Each one is 22 carat gold, each one uniquely and exquisitely enameled and each one contains at least 8oz of gold. Garrard have certified that each egg has a retail value in excess of £10,000. However their final value has yet to be established...

Ownership certificates for each egg have been burried far and wide beneath the countryside of the British Isles. The exact location of each may be found by unraveling one of the twelve corresponding mysteries contained in this book. 

Wither you read the book to solve the puzzles, hunt the treasure or just delight in the fascinating stories and beautiful illustrations, Conundrum will beguile and enchant you; but beare, once begun, your quest may never end...


The Medical Center Murders, Otto Penzler

Enjoy a marvelous mystery and win the $ 15.000 reward!

The Medical Center Murders is a wonderfully written and ingenious mystery - with a twist. It is also an open invitation to every reader: be a detective yourself, answer the crucial questions, and win $ 15.000!

Solve the crime and win $ 15.000,-

Prize Meets Murder, R Edwards & Otto Penzler

Enjoy a superb mystery and win the $ 15.000,- reweard!

Prize Meets Murder is a beautifully crafted and suspenseful mystery, but that's not all it is. It is also an open invitation to every reader: Be a detective yourself, answer the four crucial questions, and win $ 15.000,-.

Solve the crime and win $ 15.000,-


HareRaiser (Prelude), Kim Bolton

Purchaser of this product having returned registration cards from both Prelude and Finale puzzles will be eligible for entry into a competition to discover the Hare's location. The Winner will receive the fabulous Golden Jewelled Hare as their prize or if they prefer, £ 30,000 in cash.


Eureka!, Ian Livingstone

truly you havef ound it! The most exciting and innovative combiantion of an advanced mocricomputer epic and perplexing riddles ever devised!

The objective of Eureka! is to find the secret code and United Kingdom telephone number hidden in this unique cobination of computer Adventures, riddles and illustrations. Clues in the Adventures lead to the ridddles; hints in the riddles lead back to the Adventures; both help to find the meaning of the illustrations. Gradually you piece the puzzle toghether. When it suddenly falls into place - you know the answer - the question is "Are you the first to dial the secret telephone number and quote the secret code"?

Tiger Kub adn the Royal Jewel, Peter Skelton

What is the Royal Jewel?

the royal Jewel is a solid and silver Lyre bird, set with diamonds and real rubies, once in the posession of Princess Marie-Louise, who was grand-daughter of Queen Victoria and a distinguished member of our British Royal Family.

This Book is your investment to a hidden treasure

Yhe brilliant and entertaining story of Tiger Kub and his adventures with the Princess and the Royal Jewel contain the simplest of clues to enable you to discover and become the proud owner of this valuable and beautiful work of art.

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