Collectie van Leunstoel Schatgraverijen


Het Zevende Labyrint

Wie de aanwijzingen in dit boek opvolgt, kan tot op 10 cm nauwkeurig de plaats bepalen, waar in Nederland een schat begraven ligt. De schat bestaat uit een stierenkop van zuiver goud, bezet met edelstenen, ter waarde van meer dan fl. 10.000,-

De puzzels in het verhaal en de aanwijzingen in de tekeningen variëren van simpel tot bijzonder pittig. Ze zijn echter voor iedereen op te lossen, mits er voldoende tijd en energie in wordt gestoken. Er is geen speciale wiskundige aanleg voor nodig.

Alle puzzels houden verband met elkaar. De oplossingen geven nieuwe aanwijzingen en moeten met elkaar worden gecombineerd. Ergens is en clou verborgen. Om die te vinden zijn geen speciale eigenschappen nodig, je moet er gewoon opkomen.


The Ultimate Noah's Ark

This is the start of a wonderful adventure. Take a grand tour through the animal kingdom and find depicted in various ways 707 creatures - 333 pairs and one without a match. The deceptively simple challenge is to find and name this solitary creature, which is among those listed in the accompanying text. In order to find identify the missing creature, it will be necessary to find and name all the other animals in the painting. In this introduction, Mike Wilks makes some suggestions which may help you in this quest. the text also contains a number of clues, and male and female symbols have been included for you to check off the animals as you find them.


The Quest for the philosopher's stone

Betwixt the bytes of this fair site,
there lies a prize for your delight.
Clues abound among glittering stars,
and gargoyles grin at flowers and Mars.
Perhance astrology holds the key,
Or magic, physics or chemistry?
Who knows which way you will peek,
To find the gold and stone you seek.

The Treasure Trail

Two Real Treasure Trails included.

Tony Hyatt inherits a notebook, full of easy clues to a hidden fortune. He gets help from Ann and some others, but someone is also after the treasure, and prepared to murder anyone in their way. 

The fast moving book is full of the unexpected, as well as excitement, comedy and romance.

Two real treasure trails are included, including detailed descriptions of the last 5 miles for one and 20 miles for the other. Perhaps you will recognise the place, and find the treasure which is just lying on the surface waiting for you. No digging is necessary. The treasure started at £ 6.000 and has grown daily with 10% of the value of books sold added.

Sur La Trace De La Chouette dÓrTrouvez un véritable trésor estimé à plus de 1.000.000 de francs, grâce aux indices contenus dans ce livre!.




"Ruby was made in 1943 by the Austin Motor Company in Longbridge, England. She's shiny, she's beautiful and she could be yours.

Hidden in the pictures of this book are the six letters and numbers that are on her number plate. So look very carefully, but beware of red herrings. When you think you've found the letters and numbers, fill in the entry form and send it off. You will find details on the back flap of the book jacket.

Who knows - YOU could win Ruby for yourself ...


Join Tallifer, the medieval minstrel, on a magical, brain-teasing quest through Middle England and a fortune could be yours. This enthralling multi-layered treasure hunt includes:

* An exciting five part historical adventure

* Superb, intricate illustrations

* Intriguing clues for all levels of ability

* Magnificent prize for complete solution

Treasure is a book you can't afford to be without. It will be your constant companion for months to come.


The History Puzzle

The History Puzzle is a unique book, beautifully illustrated, highly entertaining and educational in the best sense of the word. It is nothing less than a walk through time. With the bomber-jacketed Everyman as our guide, all history - both popular and political - is paraded before us. From Beowulf to the Beatles, from Mammoths to Morecambe and Wise, from Lady Godiva to Princess Di, no one and nothing escapes artist Cherry Denman's eye.

But The History Puzzle is much more than a modernday Bayeux Tapestry. In the bestselling tradition of The Ultimate Alphabet and Masquerade, it also offers a fun competition for all the family and the chance to win £10,000 cash.



In search of the Dragontooth

The Facsimile and Translation of the journals of Magnalucius,

A Parable Wherein Things Are Revealed as Symbols

and Symbols are Found to be Real 


Search for the Golden Acorn

'Don't be afraid. There is a way. To get back to your own time you need to find the Golden Acorn..."

When Abby and Charlie accidentally slip back in time while on holiday visit a historic house, they wonder if they'll ever see the twentieth century again. To get back they must find the Golden Acorn, and so they set off on a quest, whizzing backwards and forwards in time and solving plenty of puzzles along way.

Part story, part game - YOU can join the time-travellers  on their journey, find out some amazing facts about all sorts of National trust properties and win lots of fabulous prizes!


Chasing Charlie

Three children and their teacher set off on a journey through the North-West Highlands of Scotland, following in the footsteps of Prince Charlie, in search of missing gold: the legenday 'Loch Arkaig Treasure'.

But who is the stranger they befriend? And why do they find themselves pursued?

In a single location, a thousand bottles of whiskey lie hidden, malts from every distillery in the country. The treasure hunt that brings 'Whisky Galore' to life, this book offers every whiskylover the prospect of that moment of discovery, that moment of triumph: golden bottles gleaming in the heather!



The Ultimate spot-the-difference book, Mike Wilks

find all the differences in the pages of the ultimate spot-the-difference book and answer the tiebreaker on the entry form and you could win £ 5.000.


Het Merlijn Mysterie

The Merlin Mystery is the most intricate puzzle book ever created, with words and pictures woven into the spellbinding story of Merlin and the water-sprite Nimue.

There are over 1,000 clues, and everything you need to solve the puzzle is in the book. The Wand must be freed by solving the mystery of the Alchemist's Spell.

To solve the spell and win the prize is a feat that calls on intuition, logic and tenacity. The solution to the puzzle is based on symbols rather than language, so everyone can join in, no matter where they live or what language they speak.



The Eternity puzzle

The Eternity puzzle...


The Code Book

  • Julius Caesar and the birth of ciphers
  • Mary Queen of Scots an the Babington plot
  • Hidden treasureand the unbroken Beale Cipher
  • How Turning vracked the Enigma
  • The deciphermentofLinearBand the rosetta Stone
  • Theprivacyofe-mail and the future of quantum cryptograph



A fisherman's daughter 

journeys far to confront

a dragon and save her village.

In this enchanting tale of bravery

and goodwill, folklore from a distant

tradition springs to life in an Australian landscape

Secret Corners

A challenge to identify selected 'corners' f Bradford on Avon, Wiltshire

Can YOU discover the location of each of the photos in this book? How observant are you? How much do you look up...or down, when ou wander through the streets and byways of this beautiful place? Are you aware of the many secret corners that can be discovered?

The challenge: Identify the location of the photographs in this book correctly, and you could win £ 2,000 (see page 95). Thereafter, you can enjoy the book as a unique souvenir of Bradford on Avon- with a difference.


The Ultimate Quest

She smiled knowingly, I understand. That's why I am here, It's time", she said. "time for what?" "The truth. Some of it you already know. But when you learn the rest, you must be prepared for all things to change."

And that is how it all began.

An intriguing and well-written story in its own right, the book also contains a set of tantalizing puzzles to be solved. Enjoy it as is or go beyond it. The choice is yours. For the first person to complete the Ultimate Quest, there is a unique and valuable reward.

But be prepared to become totally absorbed. And like the main character in the story, be prepared for all things to change.


Jim Hawkins and the curse of Treasure Island

Homage to Treasure Island. The spellbinding sequel to the greatest adventure story ever written.

This trilling sequel to one of the greatest adventure stories ever told is written in the same spirit and with due homage to the wonderful original. The author's name, Francis Bryan, is a pseudonym.


David Blaine, mysterious Stranger

Blaine's Challenge!

A never-before-attempted challenge to readers everywhere! Win $100,000.-. Hidden throughout the volume now in front of you are secret little signals, clues, and codes that, once understood and deciphered, will lead to the discovery of a treasure which has been hidden somewhere within the confines of the continental United States of America.

This challenge has been created and sponsored by the world's greatest mystifier David Blaine who has been Buried alive for seven days and seven nights. The one and same who became the world's only living ice cube in world famous Times Square and who stood as still as a statue 10 stories above Manhattan only to leap to his life below.


Crop Cirlcles Mystery Board Game

There is no other game like it! It's got everything under the sun.

The universal game for all. Anything's possible.

Age group 14 to adult.



Die Nibelungen Schatzsuche, Britta Krondorf & Rolf H. Eschbach


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